Year 13- NCEA Level 3

Level 3 (Year 13) Courses

All Year 13 students are required to study FIVE options as well as R.E and P.E.

The majority of students in Year 13 will be attempting to gain University Entrance and NCEA Level 3.

For this reason, before choosing Level 3 subjects, students and parents should look at the Level 3 subjects, and ensure if university is a consideration for the future, that 4 of the options chosen are university approved (the only subjects that ARE NOT UE approved are Gateway and the Pathways course).

If a student has a particular career in mind, the prerequisites for this should be investigated. 

Important to note at Level 3 (Year 13)

  • RE and PE are compulsory and will be automatically selected.
  • Students need to select 5 other options they want to take in 2019.
  • We recommend students choose at least one English rich subject.
  • Students planning to go to university need to ensure they have at least four university approved subjects.
  • Students picking up a new academic subject at Year 13 need to have gained at least 14 credits in an English rich subject at Level 2.

Courses in this Department