2021 Course Selection

2021 Course Selection

2021 course selections for students in Year 8-12 are to be made by Tuesday 15th September, 3.30pm.

The simplest way to make course selections is to go to 'My Courses' once you have logged into SchoolPoint, using your school and KAMAR information. From here you will be able to select and choose courses suitable according to the Year level you are currently in.

IMPORTANT: Reference to Entrance Examination requirements found under 'Recommended Prior Learning' for courses is not applicable for 2021 course selections.

If you cannot select a course due to not meeting the pre-requisites, please submit an exemption and speak to the Head of Department. 

  • If you have any questions about what courses you should take please see or email:
  • If you have any questions about how to select coursesplease see or email:

Rosmini College's timetable is student-driven and a new timetable is generated each year based on student subject selection. Unfortunately, while we do our best to avoid them, timetabling clashes may still occur and a few students may be required to choose an alternative subject option. 

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