Science - For Everything In Life

Science is fundamental to everything we do.  Whether it is the development of new technology, medicines or looking after yourself, you will make use of scientific knowledge and skills.

This is the reason why Science is one of the core subjects in the New Zealand curriculum and seen as essential by communities around the world to help provide safe prosperous environments. This is why nearly all academic or vocational institutions demand a science qualification to proceed on their courses or career raining schemes. As such it is highly recommended that you take at least one science option at Level 1 and 2.

Science at Rosmini College is taught to a high standard and is application based.  There are a variety of pathways possible to further your Science knowledge and skills, we endeavor to provide a science pathway for those whom need science for life or vocational skills as well as future Doctors, Engineers and Astrophysicists. If you are uncertain as to the correct path for you, please ask one of the Science team for guidance, we would love to help.

HoD: Mr B Plummer

Physics: Mr B Plummer & Mr J Smith

Chemistry: Mr C Ward & Mrs Y Perrera

Biology: Mr V Pygott & Mr S Reddy

General Science: Mr S Reddy

Earth and Space Science: Mr J Smith