Certificate Endorsement 

An overall certificate is issued when a student achieves Level 1, 2 or 3.

These certificates can be achieved with Merit or Excellence overall. In order to achieve Level 1, 2 or 3 with Excellence, at least 50 of the credits achieved must be at the Excellence level. To achieve a certificate with Merit at least 50 of the credits must be achieved at the Merit or Excellence level.

Course Endorsement 

A student may gain a course endorsement, for example, English Level 2 with Excellence. In order to gain a course endorsement, a student must achieve 14 credits at the Excellence or Merit level and at least three credits must be internally assessed credits and three credits externally assessed.

The exceptions are Physical Education and Visual Arts. Physical Education students require 14 internal credits at Excellence for an Excellence Endorsement or at Merit for a Merit Endorsement because it is an entirely internally assessed course. Visual Arts students will gain an Excellence or Merit Endorsement if they achieve Excellence or Merit for their Boards or Portfolio which is worth 14 External credits or if they achieve 14 credits for their internal Achievement Standards